Our performance highlights

  • In the last three years, Cognus has received positive endorsements from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission and is driving collaboration between the Council, schools and families to ensure young people in Sutton continue to flourish.
  • 91% of parents say they are satisfied or very satisfied with our Sutton Information and Advice Support Service (SIASS), providing impartial support to families with children with SEND
  • Over 90% of children in Sutton, continue to get a top three preference place for school; this ranks highly in London
  • Our Children Missing Education and Elective Home Education services received positive feedback from Ofsted through a Sutton ILAC inspection in 2021
  • The Education Safeguarding Team has provided intensive support to schools through COVID, and this has been recognised by the independent Chair of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership.

Parent Feedback on our services

 “Thank you so much for your time on Tuesday. I really enjoyed myself and it was lovely to see the bond you have with the children and to hear first-hand from the Teaching Assistants how your sessions have been having a positive impact on pupils.”


 “There are no words worthy to describe how invaluable these sessions are. This has had a great impact. He is becoming more confident with himself and getting there socially with others. He is understanding and more aware of his emotions and able to empathize with others in a few scenarios. This is helping him to sort out communication problems with teachers and how to do this in the correct way.”


 “Thank you again for the meeting – we truly felt ‘heard’ for the first time from anyone outside our families and circles of friends – it was such a relief to us after everything we have been facing.”