Sensory Impairment Service

What do we do?

The Sensory Impairment Service aims to provide flexible support to children and their families through the pre-school years and beyond, enabling each child to achieve their full potential.

How do we work?

We work closely with parents in the early years, visiting babies and toddlers at home. When pupils enter school we continue to visit and advise staff.

Who is eligible?

Children with a Sensory Impairment who live or go to school in the London Borough of Sutton.

How are children referred to us?

Children are referred to the Sensory Impairment service via many sources including Paediatricians, Audilogy and Ophthalmologists. We welcome opportunities to work jointly with other services such as Portage / Playwise CIC who may themselves refer children to us. Many youngsters are also identified by Special Educational Need co-ordinators at school and some parents contact the service directly.

How do we support parents?

When a pre-school child is first diagnosed, a teacher of the visually impaired will make contact with the family to arrange a visit and provide support and advice, working closely with the family at home. We can also give contact details of other services including parents who have had similar experiences and are happy to provide support via sharing strategies. We work closely with Hearing Impairment Service to make sure families have the equipment they need at home.

How do we support schools?

  • Information and general advice on Sensory Impairment
  • Specific advice re individual pupils
  • Training for staff
  • Enabling strategies for pupils
  • Functional visual assessment of individual pupils
  • Advice re additional equipment for visually impaired pupils in the classroom
  • Advice re the school environment and specialised equipment
  • Advice re IEPs and target setting
  • Advice re Examination concessions
  • Advice re Modification strategies for SATs and GCSEs

For more information please contact:

Sensory Impairment Service Coordinator QTVI

Miranda Ormesher , Q.T.V.I Registered Habilitation Specialist

Tel: 07534 525164


Teacher of the Deaf

Louissa Nicola, TOD

Tel: 07713 484842


Please leave a message on our voicemail and we will get back to you within three working days during term time.

As part of quality control parents may be invited to complete an evaluation form about their experience of the Sensory Impairment Service.