Exclusion Information for Schools

Preventing Exclusion

Schools should have regard  to the Local Areas Graduated Response – Preventing Exclusion document to ensure all reasonable steps are being taken to provide support and intervention, and have been taken prior to the last resort of permanent exclusion.

If you would like to discuss the Graduated Response and inclusion, or require information and advice about school exclusion, please contact the Cognus Inclusion Coordinator.


Schools and academies have a statutory duty to record and report both fixed-period and permanent exclusions to the Local Authority. In the case of the London Borough of Sutton, this is managed by Cognus.

In accordance with the DfE Exclusions from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units September 2017, Cognus must be notified immediately of a permanent exclusion, or of an individual student’s fixed-period exclusion, if the exclusion issued is:

  • For five days or more
  • And/or where multiple fixed term exclusions issued within the same term total five days or more
  • And/or where a student will miss a public exam or National Curriculum Test (NCT) due to the exclusion

Please note that schools and academies do not need to send individual notifications for students who have received a fixed-period exclusion if they do not meet any of the above three criteria.

In addition, schools and academies must report on all fixed-period exclusions once a term. The format is not defined in law but must include the total number of pupils excluded, the accumulated number of days excluded, and the reasons for the exclusions.

All exclusion notifications should be returned to exclusions@cognus.org.uk

Information, Advice and Guidance:

If you require information and advice about school exclusions please contact the Inclusion Coordinator.

Cognus Inclusion Coordinator:
Provides information, advice and guidance on behalf of the London Borough of Sutton on the prevention of exclusion, and will make the necessary arrangements, in partnership with Limes College, to offer suitable education from the 6th day of permanent exclusion.

Contact Details:
Direct Number:  07508 984925
Email: exclusions@cognus.org.uk