Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

In collaboration with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and NHS South West London and Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service (STARS), the Educational Psychology Service have created the following documents to aid school settings in supporting pupils who are experiencing emotionally based school avoidance. A comprehensive guide exploring the factors underpinning school avoidance behaviours and providing an overview of the psychology in this area is linked below, as well as a short read version.  A document which can be completed collaboratively with a pupil who is struggling to attend school is linked below, as well as a ‘talking mats’ style document.

EBSA booklet

EBSA – short version

Visuals for Talking Mats activity

Cognus EBSA guidance for children

Please contact the Educational Psychology Service if you wish to discuss any of these resources in more depth.


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