Welcome Information – Child Employment

Meeting our service 

We support to families, schools, agencies and third parties to safeguard children and young people in the workforce. We license and authorise child performance applications in line with laws and regulations.  

We process work permits for children between the age of 13-16. We issue licences and train chaperones, so children involved in performances are safe.  

Child Performance Licences 

Performance licences are a legal documentation that allows children under 18 to take part in a performance. 

All child performance applications must be submitted 10 days before the day of the performance.  

Work Permits 

The Child Employment Service offer child work permits for children between the age of 13 -16. The permit is granted after an examination on the type of job the child is applying for and work time regulations. 

Chaperone Licences

Every child performer is required to be accompanied by a chaperone throughout the length of the performance. Parents can act as chaperone to their child and must be present at all times. Chaperones can request a licence to their local authority of residence. They must be aware that several checks such as a DBS check will be undertaken to ensure the welfare of the children. 

What can families expect from the service? 

Families can expect regular support regarding their child rights in various work environments, from the permitted work hours to the number of breaks necessary. Families can also expect support and guidance in balancing the child’s school attendance with work. As well as regular communication with the school headteacher to assure the child receives the most out the academic system while also able to build their work experience. 

How do I gain support if I have a question? 

To submit any questions or queries simply email childemployment@cognus.org.uk 

Or call 020 8323 0416 

Online resources to support 

Follow the link below for further resources: