Family Workshops

Paving the Way provide virtual workshops to children, and families. These themed workshops run during the school holidays, and aim to provide skills and strategies for children. We have a few videos below to provide a taster of what we deliver. Please feel free to access these and use with your child or children.

Workshop on self-esteem and confidence

Building children’s self-esteem and confidence is important in supporting them to achieve their full potential. Have a look at our self-esteem and confidence workshop:

Self esteem workshop


Developing friendships with other children can support their social development, and help them enjoy their school day. Have a look at our friendship workshop:

Friendship workshop


Transitions indicate a change that is taking place. Everyone faces transitions in their day to day lives, as well as other transitions, such as moving house or  school.

Have a look at our Transitions workshop

Emotions Workshop

Understanding your emotions is an important way to support yourself in your day to day life. Have a look at our workshop on emotions

Emotions workshop