Welcome Information – Sutton School Admissions

Meeting our service 

The School Admissions Team coordinates applications for Sutton residents.  This relates to children looking for a school place to start Primary School at age 4/5 or Secondary School at age 11/12. They also coordinate applications in-year for Sutton schools up to Year 11. 

Starting Primary School applications must be submitted by 15th January.  Offers are published on 16th April.  

Secondary School applications need to be made by 31st October. Offers are made on 1st March, for entry into school the following September.  

For these applications, you can apply for any school in England. Applications are made some time in advance of starting school.  Lots of work takes place to check applications and exchange information.  Schools also need to start making arrangements and may fill out forms with you. If you do not get the school you want, you can remain on waiting lists and lodge appeals. 

 Families may also come in to contact with our service if they move to Sutton.  They may wish to change schools or apply for  year groups in Sutton schools. The team asks the preference schools if they can offer a place and to tell you if they can. If they cannot offer a place, they will put you on a waiting list and give you a right of appeal. 

 What can families expect from the service? 

Sutton School Admissions do not make decisions on whether a school place is offered. They will coordinate applications and to support you in making your applications. They will give advice throughout the admissions process.  

If you do not get a school place, or do not get the place you wanted, we can provide dedicated support and advice to help you. Although, we cannot make a school offer you a place. 

Our website provides a range of information to help you understand the process. We also provide information such as,what to expect at different stages of the process.  

The team is available to answer any questions. 

How do I gain support if I have a question? 

For up-to-date information relating to school admissions please see our website, log a call with our contact centre on 020 8770 500 or email suttonadmissions@cognus.org.uk we will do our best to help you promptly. 

Online resources to support 

Distance to school checker (to help you understand which schools you may get an offer from, or to find out your nearest schools) 

Vacancy checker (for in-year applications to show where there are places available