Welcome Information – Attendance Service

Meeting our service 

We work with schools to help them improve the attendance of their pupils. Sometimes schools need specialist help. We offer bespoke attendance support which may involve working with families. This often means close working with other agencies. Our aim is to make a difference to the outcomes for children and young people by improving and sustaining regular school attendance.  

What can families expect from the service? 

If you have any questions about attendance, it’s always best to speak with your school first and if we can help, they will get into contact with us. Listen to our podcast  Getting your child ready for school or email us directly at attendance@cognus.org.uk 

Tips for parents on good attendance 

It is important to establish regular school attendance habits from the start. This will influence attendance in the future. Good school attendance and punctuality will help children in their future.  

  • Preparation – help your child to get everything ready the night before.  
  • Establish a good bedtime routine – when a child gets enough sleep it can make mornings less of a struggle. 
  • Allow time to travel to school – rushing can be very unsettling for your child and is not a good start to their day.  

If you have concerns with your child’s attendance, remember you are not alone. By working together to find solutions, little problems won’t develop into big ones. Talk to your child’s teacher to resolve any issues early. School will always be there to help support you and your child. 

How do I gain support if I have a question? 

Please speak to your school if you have any questions about your child’s attendance or email us at attendance@cognus.org.uk