Could you be an Occupational Therapist?

As an occupational therapist, you’ll have the opportunity to help people young and old with day-to-day activities that others may take for granted.

If you’re considering OT as a career or next profession, here are some quick tips from our team.

How do you become an occupational therapist?

There are two ways you can study to become an occupational therapist.

Firstly, you can either go to university and get a degree or do a degree level apprenticeship. There are over 35 universities across the country you could study at. A full-time degree course in England, Wales and Northern Ireland takes three years and four years in Scotland, but there are also part time course available.

Alternatively, you might prefer to work while you study, in which case a degree level apprenticeship might suit you.

What should I study?

To start with you’ll need English language and maths GSCE (or the equivalent), a science subject is also a good idea. Then, you are looking at either( A-levels, Welsh Baccalaureate, Scottish Highers or Irish Leaving Certificate) human biology, health and social care, psychology or social sciences as good subjects to study.

The grades and qualifications you’ll need to get a place on a course vary, so we’d recommend visiting the websites of the universities you’re interested in.

If you want to go down the apprenticeship option, there is more flexibility on the qualifications you need.

More information

For more information on OT, visit the Royal College of Occupational Therapists website where there is a wealth of advice and guidance.