General Communication

A weekly bulletin rather than frequent emails – it is easy to miss things when we get such frequent emails whereas if we always had a regular bulletin it would be much easier to keep track of important information and know where to refer back to.

We now send out a fortnightly safeguarding briefing.  Next year, we will also be sending out a termly newsletter from the Education Safeguarding Team.

Sometimes we get differing advice depending on who is available on the end of the phone.

We have regular team meetings to ensure that the advice we give is consistent.  If you have any specific examples that you would like to be followed up, please contact

It would be good to have a Borough Directory of services and Key contacts.

Please refer to our contact sheet.  The latest version will be sent out ready for September.

We need more notice regarding calendared events e.g., online safety week, national anti-bullying week just in case we miss these ourselves and can share more resources

These are available online. If you google annual safeguarding themed days, you will be able to get the dates in advance.

All agencies should be able to open Egress and CRES

This has been fed back to Children’s Social Care.

A quicker response to parents who are in crisis and needing help and support. Occasionally we do not hear back from Social workers regarding case updates- this can prove worrying

This has been fed back to Children’s Social Care.

More regular EVC updates please.  Is there an EVC Newsletter?  As an EVC you are quite isolated as there doesn’t appear to be any community action etc training courses are the only opportunity for networking.

There is an EVC Newsletter.  Please contact for further information.

I left my name for waiting list for EVC course and had no response. Later I contacted again and was told the same. give your name for a waiting list. Even if no current residential and day tips, still an ideal time for training

There are regular training sessions being held and there is availability.  Please contact if you are having any issues with booking on to a session.

Updated contact information for all support agencies as this changes so often. Also, cross borough guidance as support is very different depending on local authority.

Please refer to our contact sheet for Sutton details.  This is regularly updated and sent out via the safeguarding briefings. Please contact Croydon/Merton MASH for contacts that are specific to their areas.