General communication

You said: A regular bulletin with safeguarding information would be useful.

We did: Regular safeguarding briefings have been sent out to DSLs since March.  These will continue to for the foreseeable future. Next year, we will be developing a safeguarding newsletter that will be sent out termly. Any contributions from DSLs (examples of good practice, information etc.) will be gratefully received.


You said: Regular updates related to Covid-19 would be good.

We did: Regular updates via the safeguarding briefings have been sent out since the beginning of the pandemic. This will continue for the foreseeable future.


You said: We need more than one person that we can contact for advice.  We always contact Gill.

We did: The first call should always be to the front door CFCS where you can speak with an experienced Social Worker.

For advice on E-Safety and Prevent please contact Steve Welding

For advice on Educational Visits please contact Mick Bradshaw

For general safeguarding advice please contact Hayley Cameron


You said: Never had a visit from the Educational Visits Lead.

We did: This can be arranged by contacting Mick Bradshaw, Outdoor Education Adviser.


You said: It would be good to have a DSL forum where we can ask questions, share ideas and resources.

We did: We have now set up a Sutton DSL WhatsApp Group.  For more information or to join, please contact Mick Bradshaw.


You said: Continue to send out audits and checklists.

We did: The self-review checklist was updated according to KCSIE (2020) and sent out to all DSLs in July. This will be moving on to an online platform next year.

An example of a Safeguarding and child protection policy was also sent out for DSLs to use or amend to meet the needs of their school.

Training videos and PowerPoint slides were also sent out to DSLs in August to assist with safeguarding refresher training.


You said: We need to be kept informed of local and national trends.

We did: This information is available on the LSCP website. We will also incorporate this information into our refresher training updates.