Support with individual cases

You said: Advice needed on how to limit the impact of safeguarding concerns on achievement.

We did: Flexibility in approach and adapting delivery of lessons to meet need.  Specific cases can be discussed by contacting either Hayley Cameron, Education Safeguarding Manager, or Steve Welding, Education E-Safety Adviser.


You said: We need more clarity around the status of cases. We are not always informed when cases close or we don’t always find out the outcome of a referral.

We did: This was fed back to Children’s Social Care and we are currently working together to improve the situation.  A clear escalation process was also sent out to DSLs in the summer term to ensure that issues are followed up.


You said: There needs to be joined up thinking between social care and schools, so that everyone is on the same page.

We did: The Education Safeguarding Manager post is now a full-time role. Hayley Cameron was employed in May 2020 and now acts as the conduit between Education and Children’s Social Care. If you have anything that needs to be followed up, please get in touch with Hayley.