Sutton’s Graduated Response

Sutton’s Graduated Response provides a multi-agency framework, that supports working together to meet social, emotional, and metal health needs of a child or young person to prevent exclusion and to promote inclusion.

Aims Include:

  • To have a consistent approach and common language across all Sutton Schools and the local area to meet social, emotional, and mental health needs and to prevent exclusions
  • To enable every child and young person to benefit from high-quality education that supports them to fulfil their potential
  • To enable the learning of all children who are disengaged

The Graduated Response supports schools to ensure that all reasonable steps are being taken to provide support and intervention.

If you would like to discuss the Graduated Response and inclusion, or require information and advice about school exclusion, please contact Cognus’ Inclusion Coordinators on 07508 984 925 or 020 8323 0450, or email