Reading Books for Traveller Pupils

It can sometimes be quite difficult to find books that reflect Traveller traditions and lifestyle to help engage young Traveller pupils with reading .

These books are a valuable resource for teachers looking for stories that give an insight into Traveller culture. They were both written by Traveller pupils in conjunction with and the support of the Traveller Education Service.

If you would like to buy a copy of either of these books, please email with your name and contact number. Please note the cost is £2.99 per book (including postage and packaging).

 Wally’s First Boxing Match

Michaela William was 14 years old and at school in Merton when she wrote “Wally’s First Boxing Match” for her little brother, Levi. She wrote it because he liked boxing and books and there were not many books for young children on this subject.






Wally’s First Football Match

George Sparrowhawk was 14 and in year 8 in a school in Mitcham when he wrote this story. He was very interested in football and after he read “Wally’s First Boxing Match”, he wanted to write what happened next.