Further assistance and resources for Foster Carers and Children and Young People

Enrichment programme

Sutton Virtual School is launching our first ever enrichment programme which will run September 2020 to July 2021.

The enrichment programme will have a variety of free activities, events and residentials for the children and young people to get involved with after school and during the holidays. We want to run events every year so please give us feedback on activities we have run and let us know what types of activities you would like to see us hold in the future. For all the information on what activities are being run, when they are being run and how to sign up, see the Cognus website for Sutton Virtual School.

Sutton Information, Advice and Support Service

Do you require guidance relating to special educational needs and disability (SEND) for a child in your care? Sutton Information, Advice and Support Service (SIASS) provides confidential, impartial information, advice and support for carers. More information can be found on the SIASS website.

Educational Psychologists Team

Is your child or young person struggling to transition back into education? We have collaborated with the Educational Psychologists Team in order to provide transitional support for some of our children and young people, who are finding this period particularly difficult. More information about the services provided by the Educational Psychologists can be found on the Cognus website. To discuss this further, please contact your CLA Case Manager.

Life Skills Course

This term we are excited to be launching our Life Skills Course curriculum – a bespoke package focused on enhancing the life skills of Sutton children and young people. The first course to be introduced is Money Ready, aimed at KS2 through to Post-16 learners, who will gain an understanding of financial literacy (a key life skill) in a fun and creative way. You can find further information on the Money Ready website and further details will be sent to you shortly.