Super-curricular opportunities with professional organisations

If you are going on to do A’ levels or an academic Level 3 course at post 16, consider signing up as a student member to a professional organisation. In the future, you might want to be an Architect, Scientist, Explorer/ Geographer, Artist, Doctor etc. many professional organisations run fascinating events for young people to inspire them into these careers. Sutton Virtual School can support foster carers with any subscription fees, if applicable.

Area of interest/ careerProfessional Organisation
ScienceThe Royal Institution The Royal Society
ArchitectureThe Royal Institute of British Architects
Geography/ Environmental/ ExploringThe Royal Geographical Society
HistoryThe Royal Historical Society
ArtThe Royal College of Art The Royal Drawing School
English/ Literature/ WritingThe British Library
Medicine/ HealthcareThe Welcome Trust
Film/ Film making/ MediaBritish Film Institute
PsychologyThe British Psychological Society