EYFS Events and Activities – March 2022 resource pack

This EYFS parcel is all about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)! Please use these ideas to support play-based learning with the resources your child receives.

Please send a photo (back of their head so they’re not identifiable) to sara.martin@cognus.org.uk – we want to celebrate children’s learning and development!

Older children’s Early Years Pack





Construction and Engineering

  • Read the storybook that accompanies the engineer kit.  As you follow Karlie and Ty’s adventures, support your child to make the robots they construct in the story. Challenges:
  • Can you fix the pieces together independently, or with minimal help?  Making the robots involves twisting, rotating and pushing the parts together, which promotes their fine motor skills.
  • Can you make up a name for each robot?  Invite those in the early stages of writing to have a go at writing the letters down or sounding out the name if they can.
  • Can you tell me which model is your favourite and describe it?  This promotes their communication skills and invites children to develop use of descriptive vocabulary.

Read the book ‘An Engineer Like Me’ and discuss your child’s aspirations and talents



Early maths and number skills

  • Can you count the number of pieces in the pack?
  • Can you sort them? How? (e.g. by colour, size)
  • Which shapes can you see? (3-D shapes like cylinders, spheres, cuboids)
  • Can you measure the height of this model?

Being imaginative and expressive

  • Construct your favourite robot and make up a story for them using role play! You could use other toys or teddies in the story and talk through your story with your adult.
  • Can you make up your own robot using the pack?Design a background for the robot using pencils or paint.

Younger children’s Early Years Pack

Construction and Engineering

  • Explain that an engineer is someone who designs, builds or works with machines or structures. Ask your child: what can we make out of this pack?
  • Model how to join the stickle bricks together and invite your child to do the same.
  • Encourage them to push the pieces together to aid their fine motor skills.
  • Describe the colour and height of the models you make, so they are exposed to hearing descriptive vocabulary. Ask your child is the model is tall or short/ funny etc?
  • Invite your child to look at the facial expressions of the models. Can they mirror the same expression?  How is the model feeling?  Happy?  Shocked? It’s important for children to begin to understand, identify and label feelings and this discussion aids their understanding.
  • Put out five pieces and count them together. Count up on your or their fingers to show a total of five. Can they do the same with three objects?
  • Pick a brick out and ask them to say its colour.
  • Read the book ‘Future Engineer’ together and reinforce the idea that the baby is like an engineer and anyone can be one.
  • Look at numbers/ similarities to spot in the book

Another STEM Challenge for everyone 😊

You will need: playdough, a variety of raw pasta shapes and a toy train

Explain that the train is unable to pass because the bridge has fallen down and ask them to help by building a new bridge:










Activity from Twinkl: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-252482-pasta-and-playdough-bridges-stem-activity-and-prompt-card-pack