EYFS Events and Activities – Sept 2021 resource pack

EYFS Activities to go with your child’s nature explorer pack

Please use these ideas to support play-based learning with the resources your child receives.

Please send a photo (back of their head so they’re not identifiable) to sara.martin@cognus.org.uk

This EYFS parcel is all about NATURE!

Go exploring in a local park or woods and enjoy these activities alongside your child’s nature explorer’s pack!

Here are some ideas to try with your child.  Please let us know which ones your child enjoys and send a photo (back of heads/with unidentifiable children) to sara.martin@cognus.org.uk.

  • Can you guess and then measure which leaf/ stick is the longest?
  • Can you form numbers using leaves/twigs/ the natural environment?
  • Invite your child to talk about what they can see/ hear/ smell/ touch. If they’re in the early stages of writing, encourage them to write a word or sentence about what they describe.
  • Click here for a minibeast hunt.
  • Click here for a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Which insects did you find? Can you find out more about them?

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