Children Previously Looked After

We support children who have left care but were previously in the care of Sutton or were previously in care of a different local authority but now live in Sutton.  Sutton Virtual School will provide advice and guidance to parents/carers, schools and professional to ensure the best educational opportunities for a child previously looked after.

Please read our booklet and watch this short film if you have recently become a parent/carer of a Child Previously Looked After to understand the range of educational support available for both you and your child.

Sutton Virtual School can provide advice and guidance for anything education related.  This may include:

  •  Advice on school admissions and transitions
  •  Advice related school policy, systems and processes
  •  Advice related to exam entries and results and applications to colleges and university
  •  Advice on trauma and attachment informed practice
  •  Pupil Premium Plus funding guidelines
  •  Role of schools to support Previously Looked After Children

Picture of a child laughing on a swing

If you would like access this support please contact Kate Leyshon, Headteacher, Sutton Virtual School on 07515137705