Foster Carer engagement

Foster carer and Children Looked After fun day

In August, we hosted a Summer Fun Day with Children Looked After and foster carers at The Quad in Sutton.  Read more about it here Excellent Enrichment! – Cognus

Foster carer Coffee Mornings

During the COVID lockdown period, we hosted a number of virtual meetings with Foster Carers, Educational Psychologist Kate Payne and Trauma and Attachment Advisor Sasha-Gay Brown.

Foster carer training: Financial support for children

Care leavers move into independence and become responsible for their own finances at a much younger age than their peers in the general population, and in most cases do not have family support networks to rely on. As a consequence, they are at higher risk of financial vulnerability and many experience problems with debt and arrears. This is often due to a lack of understanding of how to maintain a tenancy, pay bills and budget effectively. Research indicates that around one third of care leavers become homeless within the first two years of leaving care, impacting on their ability to secure or remain in education or employment and experience good mental health and wellbeing.

We request all foster carers to undertake a short piece of training to support them around the financial education of their children.

Picture of learning about money at home workshop







Foster carer training schedule

Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay BrownExecutive functions: Introduction
Thursday 6th May 2021
Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay BrownExecutive functions: working memory and attention
Thursday 13th May 2021
Sasha-Gay Brown NEET Podcast episode
Friday 14th May 2021
Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay Brown
Executive functions: goal directedness, flexibility and meta-cognition
Thursday 20th May 2021
Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay BrownExecutive functions: task initiation and time management
Thursday 27th May 2021
Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay Brown
Executive functions: organisation, planning and prioritisationThursday 3rd June 2021
Kate Payne & Sasha-Gay Brown Executive functions: emotional control and response inhibitionThursday 10th June 2021
Education Untapped
A young person’s voice – reengaging with educationMay 2021
Education Untapped
EnrichmentSummer 2021
Sutton VSePEP training for FC'sAugust 2021