Special Guardianship Order and Adoption Families

Special Guardianship Order and Adoptive families are entitled to access an offer of educational support from Sutton Virtual School.  This support will help ensure SGO and adopted young people have the best educational opportunities.

“The role of the Virtual School Headteacher for previously looked-after children is to promote their educational achievement through the provision of information and advice to their parents, educators and others who the VSH considers necessary.”

Sutton Virtual School extend the offer of support to Special Guardianship Order families where a child has not been in care.

Sutton Virtual School will also respond to requests for advice and information from providers of early education, designated teachers in maintained schools and academies, and providers of alternative provision in Sutton and ensure we make available advice and information to early years settings and schools to improve awareness of the vulnerability and needs of previously looked-after children.

We now run a quarterly SGO and Adoption Family Voice group.   This is an opportunity to speak with the Sutton Virtual School Headteacher and highlight areas where you require further support.  Sutton Virtual School pledge to implement as many changes as possible and to attempt to influence change where this lies outside our direct control.  Please sign up below if you wish to join us.