Support Learning at Home: Primary and Early Years children

Sutton Virtual School works closely with schools, nurseries, foster carers and prospective adopters, to promote the education of children in care.

We are keen to support you to give lots of opportunities for fun, play-based learning at home, so we hope that you’ll find lots of useful ideas and information here.

A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that it is in the years before school starts that offer parents the greatest opportunities have a significant impact on their child’s future life chances.

siblings doing homework
Information and Tips
Picture of colourful soft balls. Some with numbers on.
Maths – EYFS
Magnetic colourful numbers and maths symbols
Maths – Primary
laptop sitting on a pile of books
Online learning


If you’d like more information or ideas to support your child’s learning at home, please contact your case manager or

Photo of man reading a book to two young children
Reading – EYFS
Reading – Primary
Boy Coloring.
Writing – EYFS
Photo of primary age girl writing
Writing – Primary