Maths – EYFS

Maths gives children many key life skills, including number, time and money and we want children to enjoy maths.

Here are some websites with Early Years maths activities you could try at home:

Picture of NRICH symbol
NRICH games & activities – a great website to promote early investigative, thinking and reasoning skills.
Picture of CBeebies and BBC logos
Help your child be epic at maths – fun activities to build into everday life and play for 0-6 year olds
Cartoon picture of Oxford Owl
Oxford Owl Maths – simple ways to incorporate maths in everyday life at home for Reception-aged children










Other websites

Here are some other ideas you could try at home:

  • Go on a number hunt! Look for numbers in the environment (doors, number plates)
  • Help sort the washing by matching socks, groups of items or ordering from largest to smallest itemsPicture of colourful numbers on table
  • Help weigh out fruit and vegetables when shopping, or counting the number of items
  • Cooking is a great activity as involves lots of weighing, measuring and introduces time!
  • Use small world and construction toys to build towers, making enclosures for animals and begin to introduce counting, grouping, categorising and comparing quantities
  • Try physical activities such as hopscotch, jumping in puddles and playing games such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’

Here for you

If you’d like more ideas or advice to support reading for the child that you’re fostering, feel free to contact Sara Martin, Early Years and Primary Specialist at Sutton Virtual School on