Latest Update from the Children in Care Council

Although lockdown has had its challenges we have adapted and will continue to run our online activities for Sutton Children in Care Council. You can look forward to baking events, online quizzes and much more over the coming year.

We are also looking forward to being able to meet in person again in 2021. We will be partnering with Ocsko Explores to run a series of outdoor events which will culminate in a camping trip for those involved. These events will give young people the opportunity to learn how to survive out in the wild, including safely building fires, identifying fruits and berries to eat as well as navigating in all terrains.

The events will be run by Lee Ocsko, an outdoors enthusiast who has served in the army reserves and has participated in treks up to base camp on Everest. We will be running training sessions with Gloves not Guns, providing young people with experience in boxing as well as other physical activities like yoga.