NEET Opportunities with The Prince’s Trust in March 2021

Take a look at all the exciting opportunities available for our NEET young people this month with The Prince’s Trust.

Welcome Session (16-30)

We are hosting fortnightly welcome sessions for young people who want to find out more information about The Prince’s Trust and our opportunities. These will be held through Microsoft Teams in a video conference format. Young people can watch the presentation and get involved as much as they want. Afterwards, a staff member will follow up 1:1 and progress them onto our programmes.

When: Thursday 11th March

Where: Microsoft Teams

How to refer: Call Customer services on 0800 842 842   or    Submit details via MS Forms here


Get Started in Health and Fitness (16-30)

Virtual one week fitness programme learning from personal trainer Luke Hayter. Expect to sweat and learn about a career in the fitness industry. No prior experience or knowledge necessary.

Taster Day: Thursday 11th March

Main Programme: Monday 15th March– Friday 19th March

Where: Virtual Delivery

How to refer: Email Ricky –


Explore (16-25)

Explore is a 5-week personal development programme which offers young people group activities and one-to-one support to help build confidence, get motivated, meet new people and identify and achieve their goals. We also develop employability and independent living skills. Personal development qualifications are available in Interpersonal & Self-management Skills, Participating in Exercise, Healthy Lifestyle, Career Planning, Money Management, and Presentation Skills.

Group Induction: Monday 22nd March

Where: Microsoft Teams

How to refer: Email Pippa –


Explore Enterprise (16 – 17)

Our one-off two day Explore Enterprise programme for 16 – 17 year olds will cover everything you need to give you an insight into the world of enterprise and what is to be expected.

Main Programme: Tuesday 30th March – Wednesday 31st March   

Where: Pan London -Virtual Delivery 

How to refer: Email Jack –


Development Awards (16-30)

Our Development Awards can cover the cost of course fees, tools or equipment up to £160 in order to help young people achieve their goals and move into education, training or employment. For more information, visit our website here.


If you are a young person, you can contact us from 9am – 9pm every day:

è Call us for free on 0800 842 842  

è Live chat with us online here


 For updated advice, guidance and resources, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus Support Hub.