Sutton Virtual School use eGOV software for all PEP documentation and meetings.

Please view the training videos below on how to access ePEP successfully and please email karen.hopson@cognus.org.uk if you require a login.

Once you have been issued your login, please access ePEPs via this website Single Sign-on (epeponline.co.uk)

1. Your ePEP password and logging in

2. How to create a SMART finance target

When you wish to request Pupil Premium Plus finance, you must submit the request linked to a SMART target in the PEP.  The following video explains how to complete this section of the PEP.


For all remaining training, please access ePEP Video Training and use the password: EPEPTRAINING

3. The PEP Overview page

4. The PEP status page

5. ePEP sign off

6. Parents and carers views

7. Attendance collection for attendance officers