Designated Teacher ePEP requirements

Designated Teachers should click on the link  when using ePEP for the first time and click the green button ‘CLICK HERE FOR FIRST TIME REGISTRATION’ to sign in.

Designated Teachers must complete Section C, D and E of the ePEP in advance of the meeting to update the educational information related to the young person and as well as gathering the young person’s views.

1.Young Person’s view / Squiddle (C)

Click Squiddle in Section C and sit with the young person to gain their views and answer each question listed.  These questions will vary each term.

2. Designated Teacher Section (D)

Click on teach sub section listed and prepopulate with all school related information in advance of the PEP.  Ensure that all attendance data is up to date in the system prior to the meeting as well.  Please note that you are required to submit the SDQ paperwork to Sutton Virtual School once per year and there are instructions on the ‘Social, Emotional and Mental Health’ pages on how to do this.   Please also ensure the Designated Teacher view section is completed for discussion at the PEP.

3. In the PEP meeting section (E)

Complete the relevant sections of the PEP during the meeting.  You only need to complete ‘NEET support plan’ if the young person is NEET.  Please set appropriate SMART targets and use the guidance shown on the SMART target page when you open a new target for support.  At the end of the meeting, please ensure you click ‘Designated Teacher Sign Off’ and mark the Young Persons and Designated Teacher sections as complete.  Set the next meeting date and time and ensure a virtual meeting invitation is send out.


Sutton Virtual School will then Quality Assure the PEP and will give feedback if there are areas for further development or sections that require completion.  A RAG rating will be issued upon VS Sign Off.  The IRO will review the RAG rating and PEP at point of the CLA ‘All About Me’ Review.