Pupil Premium Plus toolkit

Pupil Premium Toolkit

This Pupil Premium Plus Toolkit illustrates some examples of how PP+ can be used by schools to effectively support a Child Looked After.

The table below is only a summary of ideas for how PP+ funding can be used.  For more information on the latest research based findings, please go to Teaching and Learning Toolkit | EEF (educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk)


Uses of Pupil Premium Plus fundingExample
Academic attainmentProviding one to one tuition
Providing additional TA support
Training key adults to be trauma and attachment aware in their practice
Introducing phonics programme to schoolg
Meta-cognition and self regulation
Funding for SALT
Transition planningFunding visits to higher or further education centres
Funding an adult to take a year 6 student to visit new school and teachers
Funding a key adult to spend time with a Year 2 student familiarising them to the change of environment ready for KS2
Funding a 'meet and greet' person when a child is in a new setting/classroom or other point of change
Wider achievement and extra-curricular learning outside the classroomSupporting the cost of after school clubs Funding school enrichment activities
Supporting the cost of trips and visits
Supporting the cost of materials or equipment for high quality HW completion
Providing home reading materials to extend learning beyond the classroom
Attendance and inclusionFunding strategies to reduce anxiety
- therapist
- ESLA training for staff
- Putting ‘drawing and talking’ in place
- Funding staff to teach beyond classroom where attendance stopped
- Funding time for regular meet and greets with key staff member throughout the day
Funding to create a therapeutic safe space in school
Social, emotional and mental healthFunding staff training around mental health support
Funding counselling provision
Funding EP
Funding social and emotional learning programme (targeted for greater impact)
Funding mentoring support
Funding extra-curricular activities