Pupil Premium Plus

Pupil Premium Plus is a government grant to support and promote the education of children and young people in care. Each year, Pupil Premium Plus is allocated to Sutton Virtual School for each Sutton Child Looked After of school age to the value of £2345 to support their education.

Sutton Virtual School makes £600 of PP+ available for Children Looked After of statutory school age at each termly PEP for schools to use to support their learning needs. Schools are able to make requests to the Virtual School Headteacher for additional PP+ funding at the PEP meeting where a need is identified.

Picture of a smiling primary school-age child with book, smiling at camera






A school will receive a direct payment of £2345 each year for each Previously Looked After Child.  It is up to schools how they choose to spend this grant and further guidance can be found on the Pupil Premium pages of the DfE website.

Frequently asked questions:

We are often asked whether Children Looked After can claim Free School Meal funding, given that they are in receipt of Pupil Premium Plus funding.  The answer to this is no. Local Authorities provide the funding for school meals to the foster carer and therefore the expectation is that this funding is used to pay for school meals and therefore further funding is not provided.