Targeted Programme

School’s receive support, carried out over a three month period.  This provision is divided into four key stages:

  • Discussion, observation and assessment
  • Video Interaction Guidance – three films and shared review ***
  • Delivery of trauma informed pack to support pupil and guidance to trauma champion
  • Follow up and assessment of progress

***For a limited time only!  As part of a pilot, we will be offering Video Interaction Guidance as part of our direct work with schools.

How to refer to the service

  1. Check the capacity board – Capacity Board Capacity Board 06092021
  2. Please complete a Trauma and At referral form if there is capacity.  Click here to download.

Referral Criteria: (despite the listed criteria, a discussion with the T&A advisor must be done to fully ensure suitability for support)

  • Age Range – we will accept referrals for Children and Young People between 4-14 years of age.
  • Type of Challenge – while we accept that trauma can have a major impact on a child’s behaviour, academic achievement and overall development, as an early help service that seeks to proactively assist schools, our primary focus is on behaviours that have been evidenced to be correlational or causal to past adversities. Such behaviours include:
    • Withdrawal/quieting
    • Reduction in the capacity to manage emotional states
    • Reduction in attunement
    • Uncharacterised aggression, irritability and increase tension
    • Concentration difficulties, engagement and listening
    • Self-esteem and self- efficacy difficulties
    • Transition (ending, beginnings).
  • How to decide who is an appropriate referral
    • The child should have substantiated history of trauma
    • The school has received trauma training or has schedule to receive training
    • A designated trauma and attachment champion have been selected in the school
    • The school has implemented strategies to support the child overtime and given time for the strategies to be embedded.
  • How to decide who is not an appropriate referral
    • A pupil that is accessing therapy or another form of intervention may not be appropriate
    • Our service is currently only offered to mainstream schools. A child attending a special education provision will not be appropriate.