About Us

Who we are
Cognus is commissioned, and wholly owned, by London Borough of Sutton, to provide education services to mainstream schools and specialist education providers in Sutton. We deliver a wide range of 27 services – from Admissions and Music, to SEND and Therapies – to pursue excellence in education settings and improve the lives of children, young people, and families. We are committed to promoting equal access to education and maximise learning for every child, young person, parent/carer and professional.

What we do

Across our services, we deliver a comprehensive range of vital educational support through our team of education specialists – teachers, psychologists and other practitioners – with a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of education. To deliver this, we work in partnership with schools and settings across all phases.

Many of our services focus on supporting children and young people with SEND/additional learning needs. Some services are universal, and which support most children and young people. Other services are targeted at providing services to enable schools and settings to support children themselves. We also provide information and services that work directly to support young people and families.

Why we matter

By integrating our educational knowledge and expertise with schools, we help children and young people to access, enjoy and thrive in any education setting to reach their full potential and help the local area to improve. By focusing on continuous improvement, we ensure that we deliver the best services possible for children, young people, parents/carers, educational settings and the London Borough of Sutton.