School Exclusion

Exclusion is when a pupil is sent home from school for disciplinary reasons.

An exclusion can be for a fixed period (where a pupil is not allowed in a school for a specified number of days, or for part of the school day) or permanent (where the Headteacher has decided that a pupil should not continue at the school because of continued behaviour issues and/or if the behaviour puts other children at risk of being harmed).

Cognus’ School Exclusion Service offers advice and information to parents/carers of children and young people on all aspects of school exclusion. This includes advice on what you can do if you are concerned that your child is at risk of exclusion, how to prevent it, and what happens if a fixed-period or permanent exclusion is issued.

If a permanent exclusion is issued, the team will make the necessary arrangements, on behalf of Sutton Council and in partnership with the Limes College in Sutton, to offer suitable education from the 6th day of permanent exclusion.

If you need support or guidance, or for more information, please contact the Inclusion Coordinator on 07508 984925 or 020 8323 0450, or email

More information on school exclusion can be found in the Department for Education (DfE) guidance.