Frequently asked questions about EHE

Please find below some common questions asked about home educating.  Who can be educated at home? You can home educate your child if they have special educational needs (SEND), an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), or no identified special needs. Read more about home educating a child with an EHCP Can a ‘child looked after’ […]

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School Responsibilities

Deciding to home educate a child is an important decision. The reasons for choosing it are many and varied, as are the styles of education provided. For some families, their decision may be based on their philosophical, spiritual, or religious outlook; for others it is to meet what they consider to be the specific educational […]

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Planning for home educating

As a parent of a child of compulsory school age (aged 5 to 16 years), you must make sure your child receives a suitable full-time education, that is suitable for their age, ability and aptitude, and takes into consideration any special educational needs. Here are some things to think about for you and your child […]

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Information, Advice and Guidance

Coram Children’s Legal CentreAn independent national advice centre that offers information and support on education, including exclusion from school.Website: Coram Legal Centre ACE EducationProvides independent advice and information for parents and carers on state education in England.Website: Ace Education Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA)IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to […]

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Useful Documents and Videos

More information on school exclusion can be found in the Department for Education (DfE) guidance. Behaviour in schools: Advice for headteachers and school staff (link to document) This publication provides advice to schools on behaviour in schools and the related legal duties of headteachers, and members of staff. It includes guidance on support for pupils to behave […]

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EOTAS and The Law

All children, regardless of their circumstances, are entitled to a full-time education which is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude, and any special educational needs they may have. Parents of children of compulsory school age have a duty under section 7 of the Education Act 1996 to secure suitable full-time education for them, either by regular […]

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