What families are saying about Cognus teletherapy

The Cognus Therapies Team have been assessing and delivering therapy for both occupational therapy and speech and language during ‘lock down’ via a number of different remote methods.

As of November 2020, over 200 people have responded, including parents/carers and young people. The responses were very positive and majority said they would use teletherapy again in the future.

Here are some of the comments from our teletherapy feedback survey.


Comments from young people

  • In the current situation I found Ashlea very helpful. She gave me lots of information about my progression and possibilities for the future (animal care). Thank you so much for your help Ashlea.
  • I find this useful because it gives me some advice with any problems of my own.
  • I was more happy after each session.
  • I enjoyed my therapy session, I had a great experience, I will love to do it again someday.


Comments from parents/carers

  • The sessions gave (my son) more confidence and self esteem during these challenging times as he has been struggling and finding it difficult to cope in lockdown. He looked forward to the sessions and also seeing the person gave him some reassurance. Thank you.
  • It was extremely valuable, especially with the heightened anxiety due to COVID, It helped (my son) cope with strategies that were advised for him.
  • My son enjoyed all the sessions and was very engaged throughout. I definitely think this was a great way for learning during lockdown.
  • (My son) has really benefited from the teletherapy with Ashlea…she has been a godsend throughout the pandemic and he really has looked forward to his sessions each week. It really has given him something to look forward to and he is at ease with Ashlea. His anxiety has really improved since Ashlea has been involved with us. We are both so grateful for her time and is absolutely perfect for him…she has a thorough understanding of his difficulties and goes above and beyond to help him. Thank you so much Ashlea.
  • The sessions with Katelyn was very professional and stuck to the specified timings. It also allowed interaction between them both. Feedback to us was always given after each session.
  • My son looked forward to the sessions and they gave him a good boost for self esteem. It was interesting as a parent to see and hear what he does in the sessions as doesn’t speak much about when the sessions are at school. Thank you Emma for your time.
  • We really enjoyed our sessions with Stephanie, (my son) grew to love them and enjoyed helping plan some of his work!
  • Excellent service delivered from both Emma T and Sarah T, (my daughter) loves and looks forward to her sessions. Both ladies are an asset to Cognus and SEND therapies. Thank you
  • Amazing Therapists, lot of information, help and follow up, very good service.
  • Emma was able to discuss any challenges (my son) was facing and help to provide strategies to support him through this difficult time. Obviously face to face sessions would be our preferred option under normal circumstances but we are grateful to have had this support.
  • Helen Gardner has done an outstanding job with (my daughter) and the therapy has allowed me to open up communication with her to explore her feelings in a way we can both understand. It’s amazing to see her engage and work.
  • As a parent I found the sessions incredible insightful and really helpful. Whilst I don’t think our daughter was as engaged as she might be in face to face sessions the virtual sessions were invaluable. Our therapist Helen Raby was fantastic, always helpful offering additional resources and flexible when we had to move sessions, cannot thank her enough!
  • Nicola was fantastic, she had such a calming tone and this allowed my child to feel comfortable and able to gain confidence, she has made a huge difference with her skill and expertise. I am extremely grateful. Thank you
  • Maria went above and beyond to support us through lockdown. She was always spent time to explain things and answer any questions. Thank you
  • Howard was very good. He helped develop the strategy we had to calm down further and this has worked for my young man. Further to a fiddle toy being used he supplied us with information and links to find some that are discreet and that can be used in schools .Very pleased.
  • Juliet was very welcoming and (my child) felt at ease straight away. They worked through improving his CV and paths of applying for an apprenticeship, which was what was important for him at the moment. She encouraged him to share his ideas and contribute to the task. He really enjoyed the session.