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Advisory Teacher, Rebecca Duffus, speaks at autism conference

Rebecca Duffus from Cognus’ Autism Service has been invited as a guest speaker at the 22nd Lincoln Annual Autism Conference. Today (19 November), Rebecca will explore the small changes that make a positive difference to autistic students in the classroom.

The annual conference, organised by Parents And Autistic Children Together (PAACT), brings together speakers from across the UK. In her presentation, Rebecca examines the underlying potential differences for autistic students in the classroom and suggests small changes that can support young people to access the curriculum – from maximising the way you communicate using visual supports to adapting the environment and working with the student and their interests.

Rebecca has many years of experience working in both mainstream and specialist education settings as well as within local council and education services. To support education settings, Rebecca ran a free Autism Champion training programme virtually over eight weeks during lockdown for 25 professionals in Sutton. The course was extremely successful and another Autism Champion programme is due to start in January 2021.

Rebecca is also working with Andrew Whitehouse (People First Education LTD) to offer a bespoke inclusion audit and meaningful training package that aims to enhance and optimise inclusion throughout school settings.

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