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Bringing a smile to the faces of pupils after their first block of smiLE therapy

Bringing a smile 😊 to the faces of Year 5 and 6 pupils as their skills and confidence grow after their first block of smiLE therapy delivered by Jessica Wood, speech and language therapist at Cognus Therapies!

Jessica Wood, one of our speech and language therapists, had the exciting opportunity to deliver her first block of smiLE Therapy in the Summer Term 2022, following her recent smiLE therapy practitioner training. ‘smiLE’ stands for ‘strategies and measurable interactions in Live English’ and is a highly evidenced intervention. The therapy approach teaches specific communication strategies to manage real-life situations, such as buying something from a shop or asking for directions. Cognus Therapies has used this intervention in both Primary, Secondary and Post-16 provisions.

Three Year 5 and 6 pupils were required to request an object from an adult in a school office (Module 2 of the intervention). The children were recorded on video before therapy and after therapy, to measure their progress. The group worked together 1 to 3 times per week for 7 weeks. The children enjoyed learning through watching the adults role play and then by acting out the task themselves.

The children scored their own videos using a special checklist. Before therapy, the pupils achieved 25%, 35%, and 60% of the required skills and had a lot of trouble getting the objects they needed. After the therapy intervention, the 3 pupils used all of the required skills and therefore achieved 100%. They all left the office with the right objects.

Since the smiLE therapy block, the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) identified that one child has become noticeably more confident when talking to adults. Another child can now knock and wait before making requests, whereas before the sessions he used to just walk straight into rooms and forget the question!

Jessica also met with the children’s parents at the end of the therapy block. One parent was surprised by how clear and self-assured her child sounded in his post-therapy video, compared to how quietly he spoke on his first attempt. All of the parents noticed an increase in their children’s confidence.

Jessica is excited to meet with the school staff next term and show them the children’s progress.

Now it’s time for the children use their new skills across school life and in the community!





To find out more about smiLE therapy please visit the smiLE therapy website: smiLE Therapy Official Website (