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Budding Picassos amongst Sutton’s Traveller children

The Traveller Education Service received some amazing entries to their art competition in celebration of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month (GRTHM) in June. The children produced such colourful and interesting portrayals of ‘What they are most proud of / love about being a Traveller.’

The winners from each of the four age categories received a prize (pictured below) and their artwork and photos are displayed on the TES page of the Cognus website. The parents of our 4 winners were so delighted and were keen to access the website so they could share in the celebrations with family and friends Thank you to our wonderful judges, Joanna Cassey and James Leadbetter, who took their roles very seriously and for taking the time to award every entry some positive feedback which we passed on to all the children directly.

To view the winning masterpieces and for further information on GRTHM please visit the TES page of the Cognus website using the following link: