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Cognus responds to new national lockdown

Since the first lockdown began in March 2020, Cognus has been providing a broad range of support, from useful resources and information, to working directly with families and professionals.

Following the national lockdown in January, we have continued to find new ways to adapt our services, changing delivery and how our teams work, to support the people who rely on us; this includes our Educational Psychologists, our Inclusion team, our SEND support team, the Sutton Virtual School, the Sutton Music Service, and the Autism Service, to name a few.

Joanna Cassey, Managing Director of Cognus, said:

“The first week of January was a challenging one for everyone at Cognus, as we grappled with frequent government updates and changes, shifting our provision into a virtual environment whilst reaching out to our schools, settings, families, and young people to ensure that we maintain our support in the best way we can.

I am humbled and proud of how our teams have been so creative in the way they have adapted our service provision and support for children and families, learning lessons from the original lockdown – and I know we will continue to achieve together.”

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