Critical Incident documents and protocols

Unexpected and tragic events cannot be prevented from occurring, and sadly bereavements and traumatic incidents are a reality that schools face. How we respond to these events is important in promoting feelings of safety and psychological wellbeing for the students and staff in our schools. The unexpected, and thankfully infrequent, nature of these events however mean that they can sometimes overwhelm the usual systems of support and coping strategies of a setting.

The guidance, link below, has been written to provide Educational Psychologists with information about best practice following a critical incident, traumatic event or other unfortunate circumstances which cause distress of prolonged anxiety for students, parents and staff. It also provides information about how settings can promote mental health and emotional wellbeing and be ‘wise before the event’ and proactive in preparing for critical incidents.

EPS Protocol – September 2022

Educational Psychology CI Guidance – 2022

Incident response – immediate actions