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Education Untapped Episode – All Things Autism and Inclusion

The Cognus Autism Service are excited to have created an episode for the ‘Education Untapped’ podcast.  In the episode ‘All Things Autism and Inclusion’, Rebecca Duffus is joined by Andrew Whitehouse, who is a specialist in neurodiversity and behaviour.  Andrew and Rebecca are currently working together on an Action Research Project across many Sutton Schools and are both passionate about supporting schools to understand and support their autistic students.

Join us as we unpick who is challenging who in relation to ‘challenging behaviour’, the impact of dual diagnoses, why there are links with anxiety, the exhaustion of masking and how to reflect to ensure you are supporting autistic students to the best of your ability.  We also discuss how to be kinder to yourselves as parents and professionals while ensuring you are striving to include autistic young people and help them to ‘find their groove’.

Listen here