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Education Untapped episode on how to establish consistent attendance patterns

Two members of our Attendance Team at Cognus, have produced a podcast aimed at parents, which explains how establishing consistent attendance patterns at an early age can lay a solid foundation for their child’s future.

Regular school attendance is an important part of giving children the best possible start in life.  The aim should be to attend 100% of the time, as we know that children who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and fail to reach their full potential.  It is difficult for children to build their skills and make progress if they are frequently absent and in addition to falling behind academically, children who are not attending regularly also find it difficult to maintain their friendship groups.

The team explain how parents can get help if there is a problem with their child’s attendance – by talking to their child’s teacher or contacting the Attendance Service at Cognus. Working together to find solutions, little problems won’t become big problems!

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