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Education Untapped Podcast – Encouraging diversity in the world of disability

Ashlea Stephens (Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Post 16 Lead for Cognus Therapies) interviews Luke Fox, an autistic adult with a language disorder from Sutton. Luke was shortlisted for a Sutton Community Award in the category of Outstanding Young Person in February 2021.

We will be hearing from Luke about his experiences in education as well as his huge achievements in disability football and theatre. Luke is passionate about ensuring people with disabilities receive the relevant recognition for their talents and are included in society in a positive and respectful way. Ashlea and Luke worked hard as a team to produce this podcast, requiring many drafts, rehearsals and edits to allow for Luke’s language difficulties. However, the finished product is proof that there should be ‘No Limits on Learning’ for the young people we work with!

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