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Launch of the Child Safeguarding Toolkit 18th March 2021

Sutton’s Local Children Safeguarding Partnership launch a new Child Safeguarding Toolkit

Sutton’s Local Children Safeguarding Partnership (LSCP) is delighted to launch a new and unique Child Safeguarding Toolkit- a comprehensive learning resource for everyone who comes into contact with children and young people. This is part of our longstanding commitment to help prevent future serious injury or harm to children.

The Toolkit has been designed and led by Sutton Council, the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), schools and the police, working with the national Virtual College.  It applies all contexts of child and family practice and provides practical, on-line child protection guidance and training for students and trainees; front-line practitioners; designated safeguarding leads; managers; senior leaders, academics and the judiciary.

This interactive Toolkit includes animations, bite-size and e-learning modules with up-to-date legislation, guidance and practice resources- all drawing on learning from both local and national Serious Case Reviews (SCRs), many highlighted in the first annual report of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel. It also covers the new requirements to undertake Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews under Working Together 2018.

The resources and e-learning modules are based on 10 key safeguarding principles to support all those confronted with child neglect and abuse, or young people being exploited and going missing. The course details 10 case scenarios that draw on the real lived experiences of children, based on some of the most commonly repeated SCR themes. Domestic abuse and violence is a feature in many of these SCRs.  The e-learning has been split into four levels, each representing the varying degrees of responsibility and knowledge that individuals have in their current role.

The golden thread running through the Toolkit is – Keep Listening to the Voice of the Child.

Christine Davies CBE, Sutton LSCP Independent Scrutineer and Board Chair, said: 

“The Child Safeguarding Toolkit provides everything you need to know about child protection in one place. The 10 key safeguarding principles were drawn together by Sutton’s local safeguarding partners, working with schools and are based on the real stories of children, as covered in Serious Case Reviews undertaken across the country. These underpin this unique, easily accessible range of resources, developed for awareness raising as well as training for all those in contact with children. We are particularly grateful to Sutton’s CCG for initiating this work and to the Virtual College for developing the outstanding e-learning modules. We hope that safeguarding practice will be supported and strengthened, through using this thorough and extensive toolkit”.

All of the Toolkit’s training and resource materials are free and can be accessed on this link: