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Paving the Way go virtual and boost self-esteem for their families! 

During the Easter break Paving the Way launched their first virtual family workshop. 

The workshops, that were previously held in children’s centres around the borough to provide support for families during the holidays, have moved online with great success. 

The first session was run by Ann, Kemi and Sarah and we learnt about self-esteem using a mixture of games, videos and verbal interaction. 

The workshops will be running every holiday and will cover a variety of different topics and challenges for children e.g., self-esteem, friendship, transitions and anxiety. 

The sessions welcome all family members to support the child that has been referred to PTW and our aim is for them to take away ideas and strategies and have fun. 

 ‘………..was really helpful and good to meet, he had some really good ideas for when I get angry’ (child) 

‘……….really enjoyed the session and we are going to sign up for the next one’ (parent) 

‘I learnt that self- esteem is like a muscle in your body that can grow and get stronger’ (child) 

‘I learnt that self-esteem helps you to achieve your goals’ (child) 

The workshops will be available on the Cognus website for families to access.

Paving the Way is an early intervention service that provides a menu of support for children & young people, parents and carers and schools. Where a child has a range of difficulties that cause barriers to engagement in learning, social interactions and achieving their full potential.

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