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Paving the Way launched new family group, supporting parents of primary aged children

We have now launched a new family group supporting parents of primary aged children in London Borough of Sutton

We have been overwhelmed with responses from parents wishing to join the group and unfortunately could not accommodate everyone!

We have generated a waitlist for a future group and will also be running a few virtual sessions to support parents in the meantime

Some initial feedback from parents attending:

“I sometimes feel such a failure”

“Am I doing this right?  Sometimes I just don’t know how to respond!”

“When I left last week, I felt that I had made new friends and I did not so feel alone.  Hearing other people’s stories helped me the most.”

“I felt really comfortable and there was no judgement – I felt really relaxed”

“A big “thank you” It was such a great start and I felt really comfortable, not only with the atmosphere but also with how the session was set up.”

“My first impressions of group more than anything was relief, relief that I was no longer alone in this. That others not only ‘get it’ but genuinely listen.”





For more information on the Paving the Way team and the work they do, please visit their page for families here