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Paving the Way support the families on their waiting list

The Paving the Way team have extended support for their families through the summer holidays. 

Team members held a Parenting Surgery in which families could attend and ask advice while they await to be allocated. 

 Session provided support and guidance for: 

  • Understanding the service and the procedure once allocated a caseworker 
  • Signposting to summer holiday activities 
  • Strategies on creating a routine over the holidays 
  • Managing the transition back to school 
  • Implementing visuals, timers and sensory equipment 
  • Signposting to PTW online parenting courses and family workshops 
  • Signposting to other services locally and online 
  • Sharing ideas for books and resources
  • “I have a better understanding of the service” 
  • “I will try all the ideas over the summer”  
  • “We will focus on positive affirmations not just the anxieties” 
  • “I will keep notes over the summer so that I can give you more examples of what has worked and not worked” 

 The surgery was a success and gave families more confidence for the holidays now they know what to expect and are armed with some strategies. 

Paving the Way will continue to meet with other families during holiday periods which can prove challenging for all sometimes.

To contact the Paving the Way team, please email

To find out more about what the team do, please visit the webpage Early Intervention and Identification (Paving the Way) – Cognus