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Primary and Junior National Offer Day 16th April 2021

Every year, families apply for their children to start school for the following September.  This year was particularly challenging for the Admissions Team, as schools were unable to offer their usual open days and were closed due to lockdown restrictions.  This meant that schools had to arrange virtual tours via their websites and were unable to pass on advice and support to parents, as well as chase them to make sure they made applications.  This also resulted in more parents seeking advice from the Admissions team.  As usual, the Admissions team rose to the challenge, providing excellent support to families and schools.

Positive feedback from a Sutton school

Thanks as always, you are all so helpful its very reassuring.

And Parents

”This is a very stressful time for mums that haven’t applied before. I received a call about changing addresses and the lady on the phone was most helpful and I really thank all the staff there for settling my nerves and being so kind.  Great job”

”Hoping they are as helpful as Sutton were, with a prompt response.”

”The School Admissions team responded quickly to my queries and were very helpful.  Thanks”

”The advisors were very helpful in my case and I am very grateful for their support”


This year, after checking and processing 2771 starting school applications for September 2021, 97.27% of Sutton residents received an offer of a school that they applied for. Additionally, all Sutton parents that applied either on time or late, received an offer to start at a Sutton school in September.

We also processed 616 applications for Junior School places where 99.9% of Sutton residents received a preference offer.