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Primary to Secondary School Transition for Autistic Students

As part of the end of year transition from Year 6 to 7, Rebecca Duffus,  our Advisory Teacher for Autism,  has shared a range of resources with Primaries and Secondaries related to transition for autistic students/those with social communication differences.

Resources for Primaries:

  • Time to move on leaflet for TAs/LSAs who are available to support with additional transition preparation (also use secondaries transition packs where appropriate – see below)
  • Transition booklet template to work on with student (and then send home)
  • Passport to create with students so they feel confident communicating about themselves in their new setting
  • AET Transition Toolkit (Autism Education Trust)

Resources for Secondaries:

  • Secondary transition pack template (with space for each school to personalise preparatory information about their setting e.g. where to go at different times of the day, key staff members, changes in terminology, expectations and sanctions in place and a message from a current Year 7 student).

The aim is that these resources will help prepare young people for the changes ahead, therefore reducing anxiety.


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