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Safeguarding and SEND Teams, work with LSCP to emphasise the importance of learning from Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews 

Cognus Education Safeguarding and SEND Teams, work with the LSCP TO emphasise the importance of learning from Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews 

 Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPRs) are systematic reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both a local and national level. 

On Thursday 17th March 2022, Sutton LSCP held a Reflective Learning Event for Adolescents with Complex Needs.  Hayley Cameron, Education Safeguarding Manager was part of a multi-agency working party that came together over the last few months to plan the afternoon.  Amalia Banon, Head of Service for SEND was on the panel of guest speakers along with colleagues from schools, health, and social care.   

The event was based on the learning from the cases of Child V and Child T. 

Child_V_LCSPR_Overview_Report_Aug_2021.pdf ( 

Final CHILD T LCSPR report 1.pdf ( 

Over 80 people attended the face-to-face event, including several colleagues from Cognus. It felt refreshing to be able to network, collaborate and share thoughts and feelings around how we need to take the learning forward. 

‘These reviews are not just about letters or numbers.  They are about real-life people with families and lived experiences’ (Secondary DSL, March 2022). 

The afternoon enforced the strength of the partnership, there was a sense of ‘togetherness’ and everyone spoke from the heart.  It was a truly emotive experience and one that will shape next steps for Sutton. 

 A clear message came thorough regarding the voice of the child: 

‘No decision about me, without me’ (Christine Davis, LSCP Chair) 

As professionals we need to always keep this at the forefront of our minds to ensure that our young people feel included, supported, and listened to. 

Throughout the event we referred to the 10 principles of learning from The Child Safeguarding Toolkit: keep clear and detailed records; never make assumptions, always share information; don’t be afraid to challenge decisions; consider convening a multi-agency meeting; clear, concise, and consistent communication; all need training to work with challenging and evasive parents; supporting your staff; safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and keep listening to the voice of the child. 

The Child Safeguarding Toolkit is a unique and comprehensive learning resource for everyone who comes into contact with children and has been designed to help prevent further serious injury or child deaths.  All the Toolkit’s training and resource materials are free and can be accessed here: 

Information from the afternoon is currently being collated and an action plan will be produced and shared by the end of April.  We are all in this together. 

For more information on Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews: 

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