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School Celebrates Gypsy, Roma & Traveller History Month

The Traveller Education Service are delighted to share some amazing work carried out by Beddington Park Academy in celebrating GRTHM this year.

As you know, we held an art competition and the winners from Beddington Park Academy were recognised and presented with their prizes in a whole school assembly.  The school also created a display with the winning entries and some  interesting facts about Travellers written by their GRT pupils.





One pupil in particular, Charlie, presented an assembly to the whole school about being a Traveller and what it means.

Well done Charlie!

A fantastic piece of inclusive work from Beddington Park Academy promoting diversity and enabling their Traveller pupils to embrace and share their identity and feel recognised, valued and included within their school community.

What a wonderful story to mark the end of June and

Gyspy, Roma & Traveller History Month. #Cognusandproud